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Ice and The Face Ep. 122 Aug. 30, 2016

 HEYOOO! This is Ice and The Face #122 -8.30.16- and it is here to clean up that little brain rash you don’t want to talk about! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome long time friend and member of AWESOME TALK! Ryan for this half our MINI-SODE! Together, we spelunk into the dungeon of the human soul, kick in the back door of stupid behavior, and spin yarns on such pertinent topics as: A man with an affinity for mini-horses, homeless public sex and the news, nude beach rules, when moms catch their sons in nefarious behaviors on FB, chopping off your limbs for insurance money, toilet buckets at Jimmy Buffet concerts, fooling with bulls, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 25 Sept. 18, 2014

Ahhh…Ice and The Face #25 -9.18.14- is here! Join Rick and Sarah of AWESOME TALK! once again for some wine, beers, and epic wordery! Our guest on this night: Ryan AKA Emcee Suicide from T.W.i.N.E. and AWESOME TALK! Have a listen, as we talk about everything from frozen dead cats to racism to waking up in a field of donkeys! Sound too good to be true…well it isn’t. We’re in the dream building game, so get in here under the blanket fort with us, throw the 12-sided die and let’s do the shit out of this!


Ice and The Face Ep. 20 Aug. 2, 2014

Ice and The Face #20 with Rick and Sarah from AWESOME TALK! On this episode, we welcome guest, Ryan “Emcee Suicide” Edgar from AWESOME TALK! and T.W.i.N.E. to join us in the verbal comedy beer filled field of battle where we talk about everything from barnyard animal fetishes to the public school system’s failure to teach youngens life skills!