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Ice and The Face Ep. 137 Dec. 26, 2016

Ho ho ho. This is Ice and The Face #137 -12.26.16- The Christmas …Our Darkest Hour… Special! Tonight, we get our jollies on by skipping through the normie moments that make the holidays seem so blindingly bright! Together, we shield the brains of the world from nuclear rays of WTF by translating actual human behaviors in such a way that your mind doesn’t melt all the way down to a stupid soup! We reveal the shocking truths of such cheery and ho-ho-ho-holiday appropriate topics as: Santa shacking up in the right place, fun with cats, race horses on crystal meth, jockeys, how to score your husband in 1939, when sex toys save the day, bones in bones, common Christmas injuries, standing still so long you need the emergency room, paying to look like someone you don’t like, Tupac in church for Christmas by accident, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!