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Ice and The Face Ep. 103 April 22, 2016

Ahoy! This is Ice and The Face #103 -4.22.16- and it is here slap you in the mind with a dirty ole flip-flop! Tonight Rick and Sarah welcome back our esteemed guest from Chillside Podcast, Matt Hill! Together we strap on our miners’ helmets, sharpen our claws, hide cyanide pills in the little drug pocket of our raver-pants, and dry hump our way through such mind-altering and dumpster-diving topics as: Grade D meat, unconventional ways to gain weight, tapeworms, hi-tech beds, buffet nightmares, public swimming pool carnage, semen and water, UFOlogy, Fappy the Anti-masturbation Dolphin, banging scarecrows until you die, and a whole LOT more! Thank you ALL very much for listening! #HilarityOverFeelings

Ice and The Face Ep. 92 Feb. 3, 2016

I see you peaking at me! Welcome to Ice and The Face #92 – 2.3.16! Tonight, Sarah and Rick are joined by Matt of Chillside Podcast! Together, we strap on our goat leggings, drink sheep urine from a coveted cup, pull on our spiked motorbike helmets and wool socks, and delve into the stupidest wing of the human hive mind to milk the teets of truth into rusty buckets. We unveil the slimy side of such topics as: men’s tips for women during sex, dumb things people can do for mass attention, whacky male sex fantasies, penises making people feel weird, defecating yourself while shoplifting, screening potential prostitution clients, goat testicles strengthening human erections, great Burger King pranks and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!


Ice and The Face Ep. 34 Dec. 6, 2014

Ice and The Face #34 -12.6.14- is here, and ya know, what IS up with flies in outdoor porn?! #amirite On this fine episode, we welcome back to the show, Matt Hill of Chillside Studios and Lefnut for some drinks and an array of conversations, ranging from what Lefnut is (yes, the “T” is purposely omitted), to court-ordered quiet sex, to the breast-implanted flasher-man of Walmart, to other stuff too! Join us, as we excel at life! #hilarityoverfeelings