The patriotic anesthetization of the status quo.

Thomas Cole: "The Course of an Empire"

Thomas Cole: “The Course of an Empire”

Wikileaks proves without a shadow of a doubt mass corruption in the DNC, with clear intentions on manipulating voters and the (supposedly) unbiased media.

Result: People calling for Assange to be assassinated, people blaming Russia for trying to manipulate the elections (ironically, by bringing to light the fact that the voters were being manipulated.)

Not a result: Society as a collective, aiming all that anger and blame towards the actual cause of the issues in the leaks.

Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the anthem because he feels black people are being oppressed in this country. Courageously uses the spotlight his athleticism has given him to address issues of people who barely get any spotlight at all.

Result: Idiots making videos of themselves burning jerseys, and memes being created insinuating that because he is a famous athlete he should just shut up (good way of implying someone is simply their job and not entitled to opinion or expression.)

Not a result: People applauding him for not giving a shit about what he stands to lose by speaking up on behalf of those who need to be heard.

Video after video of unarmed people being shot by police. Many are minorities, some are disabled and elderly.

Result: The public tries to dig up anything that seems bad about the person’s past in order to clearly make the implication that they somehow deserved it (underlying message being it is completely acceptable, as long as society deems someone to retroactively be an unsavory individual, for an officer to be a judge, jury, and executioner, instead of, say, an actual judge, jury, and executioner.)

Not a result: Society collectively coming together to dissect the institutional practices that allow for this to continue happening.

Due to a rising lack of jobs, and a lack of jobs that cover the cost of living, more and more people need food assistance or other types of assistance in order to feed themselves. For many, thanks to Clinton’s magical welfare reform, they cannot even get that much. They end up evicted, starving, sick, and homeless.

Result: Society blames poor people for not working hard enough (the implication being that if one person was lucky enough to get a good job, everyone else must have grown up in the same environment, the same privileges, the same opportunities), we jail the homeless, steal their belongings, erect stone spikes to keep them off our pretty little storefronts. People defend the companies instead of the people fighting for a rise in minimum wage, which hasn’t kept up with inflation in decades. Stories are spread like wildfire about “welfare queens” that are living in their palaces off of the public dollar (of course they do not bother actually reading any statistics on this, as the statistics would completely ruin the whole argument altogether.) People on assistance are shunned and ridiculed by the public, constantly enforcing the idea that if someone takes help, they were just too lazy to do it themselves.

Not a result: Society, as a collective whole, demands that every citizen in their country has the right to live, has the right to eat, has the right to even just the simple basics that most of the people complaining about take for granted every single day. Society as a whole demands that where there tax dollars are -actually- being abused (corporate welfare in the billions), be reigned in and eradicated.

It is proven without a doubt that the government spied on millions of its own citizens illegally.

Result: If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to fear. Snowden is a traitor to the country.

Not a result: Snowden is a hero for putting himself in serious harm’s way in order to protect your privacy.

The pockets of people who have gone against the unfortunate status quo on these issues are commendable, but sadly lacking in numbers, comparably speaking. Racist, classist in-fighting and constant division of normal, everyday citizens is a manufactured product of the elite who know the more you pay attention to blaming your neighbor, the less you pay attention to the people who are truly taking money out of your pockets, taking education away from your kids, taking food off your tables, jobs out of existence, clean air and water for you to live in, and using your money to bomb and murder thousands of people off lands they deem profitable. Please do not let the propaganda win. We might be in the age of staggering electronic information available at any moment, but do not let that come at the price of reason and personal intellectualism. Because if we do not actually push out the propagandists now, the next war we have already started is not going to be a comfy newsreel away.


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