Thanks for the well-wishes, PodernFam!

Hey you crazy cats, Sarah here. Just wanted to give a huge thank you to all the #PodernFamily peeps who sent me well-wishes after I bashed my cranium and body parts into sharp and heavy objects.  For those who don’t know the whole story, I’ll give a quick recap.  I have type-1 Diabetes, and woke up with extremely low sugar. With sugar that low a few things start to happen. As your body is using whatever glucose you have in you to fuel your heart so it continues to pump, other, less important things do not get glucose they need.

So, my ability to control emotion, make memories, or understand what the fuck is happening, is entirely impaired. Also, when it gets that low, walking around feels like being on one of those wiggly bridges at a funhouse. It is very hard to keep any balance, and with the fact that I was losing consciousness on top of everything else, getting to any form of sugar was a struggle I did not win.  I collapsed into a shelf, bashed my eyelid area open, looked down covered in blood, and no ability to stand. I crawled to the front door, managed to get it unlocked, and hung out into the apartment hallway screaming for help.  Cops and paramedics, along with an ambulance ride to the emergency room for a cat scan of my head, and a patch job, and I was able to leave.  The next day felt like I had been in a really fucked up car accident. I managed to obtain gashes on my head, my entire left cheek was a bruise, both knees bruised, the back of my right arm, my right elbow, my hip, lower back, and wrist were all bruised. I still am not entirely sure the creative way a person would need to fall to obtain all of those.

But either way, now you know how it all (literally) went down. And I can’t thank everyone enough for thinking of me and sending me messages.  We took a two week break, but now we are back in the groove and ready for action!  You guys are the best! #PodernFamily forevers!

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