Independence Day

tv2Hey, today we recorded our very late episode 113!  It just happened to land on the 4th of July, so here it is, my first official blog post on  You will  have to click on the -more- link at the end to expand the entire post, not like you couldn’t figure that out, you internet-savvy so-and-so’s.

Cheers, good folks

I keep seeing flags posted all over the place like the earth puked up a bunch of rocket pops.  I have seen messages like “don’t forget to thank our troops”, don’t forget to thank our police…   don’t forget to give a moment of thanks for our freedoms.  I have started to feel that, in this country, you need only to say something loud enough, and enough times, (and adding fireworks to it helps, too, because explosives and America, ya know..) anyone will believe it, repeat it, celebrate its apparent existence, and spout out the pre-written aforementioned rhetoric.

Please, people… take a second to take some inventory.  Normal, average citizens have lost a way to see things as they truly are. And no matter what changes are being fought for at any given time, they are all inevitably pointless without one crucial foundation we have been brainwashed out of.  We will continue to be exploited, abused, bankrupted, sick with no hope for medicine or treatment, one check away from homelessness, no hope for a decent education; we will continue all of these things as long as we continue to let the small majority with power divide and conquer us.  When people see a woman buying groceries with food stamps, a good amount of people will scan her cart to make sure she isn’t buying something she isn’t worthy of.  If an activist stands up for an injustice in this country, they are more likely to be told “if you don’t like it then get out”, than they are to either hear “hey let’s research this, let’s fight this together for the good of all of us.” and even less than that will you hear “if you don’t like it, keep fighting for change, make this place better”. At one time, speaking out against the Iraq war meant you were labeled unpatriotic (whatever that means) and  a traitor.   And the us vs. us mentality, the plague of thought that divides us, grew and festered.

We are seeing an enormous new wave of racist violence, militarized police violence, and abuse from the highest forms of government.  We have allowed ourselves to be spied-on with the quick explanation of “well if you don’t have anything to hide you have nothing to worry about”, and we write off violent police by trying to demonize their victims, as if to say it is acceptable for police to be the judge jury and executioner of anyone.  

It is the system we have either elected-in, or were too lazy to stop; that lets murderers get away with murder, pedophile-priests to get shuffled from one job to the next, instead of to prison.  It is by our laziness we allowed a private prison system to be the new safe-word for slavery.  We sit and debate which criminal should be the leader of our country, instead of pushing for better, insisting and rioting for better!  

Stop being anesthetized by the lie of the dream.  Yeah, the “American Dream”, something that had a certain connotation once, but is used in an entirely different way.  It is now used to assure the poor vote against their own rights, they protect the corporations and the financial elite because the American Dream tells them they could be millionaires, too, one day.  Just work hard enough, work until you’re nearly dead.  They do not tell you, and they hope you never understand, the American Dream is a lie.  You will most likely never own five mansions, own a world wide cooperation, become world-famous.  No, you will probably never see those things in your life.  But you can instead look around you now, vote for the betterment of your current life and the lives of those around you.  Stop coddling the evil empires that are not just dead-set on ripping us apart, but are actively achieving it, masterfully.

People choose the candidates they wish to elect the same way they subscribe to a sports team, and this is all to the benefit of the politicians. Because if there is one thing a sports fan doesn’t want, is for their team to lose. So when someone has valid, important questions about your candidate, you do not meet them as your neighbor sharing concerns about the community you both share. You meet them as the opponent, and allow yourself to be deaf to reason or concern from others.

This plague of thought has infected our society where it will hurt us the most, from the bottom up.  The sense of us vs. us is a rotten infestation.   The unity of the common-people is the foundation a healthy society must stand on.  Look around you, is that what you see? No, the foundation is not just cracked, but shattered.  So please, do not talk to me about independance today.  In a country where I have seen those I love have to choose between buying medicine or buying food, have been ridiculed for asking for help, where we erect concrete spikes to stop people from sleeping outside and tarnishing the pristine fantasy we are meant to keep in our heads as we pass by shop after shop… consuming.. always consuming… but never truly paying attention.  

Could you imagine a different plague? A plague of enlightenment, with injustices being highlighted and snuffed-out where they are set to destroy our common good.  That is a plague that would inevitably spread, too.  Where the thieves who will keep us sick and hungry are not only no longer welcome, but are no longer catered to.  Catered to on the backs of millions of your brothers and sisters. Could you imagine that world? Where the final move, the final check mate, comes when we have truly woken up. Where we truly claim independence from the invisible hand around our necks.

Until you can look to your neighbor, whatever color they are, and whatever their financial situation is, and say you have faith the system you live under will protect and care for them as well.  That the most marginalized and helpless of us all, can have hope to live, free of the worry of starvation or abuse from a corrupt political juggernaut. Or fear of hatred from the public hive-mind that has been set up to keep us apart and highlight our negligible differences, to continue conflict between the populace while the government that starves you spends your money on wars and violence and arming the next generation of trigger-word terrorist groups that become the scapegoat for more violence and more wars. Until you can look and see these things are not happening, that these things are being stopped, that you are living in a country where you feel secure in knowing those around you have kept their minds open enough, their logic and reason grounded enough, and their incorruptible sense of justice sound enough, to fight any, and all, oppressors that would come to take it.  Until then, you are not free.  WE are not free.

  3 comments for “Independence Day

  1. James Gustin
    July 8, 2016 at 5:34 am

    Fucking fantastic, Sarah! You had the time to write out what the rising bile in my stomach has been boiling about this week. I have been meaning to read this, but my wage slave position has prevented me from doing so until now. This, however is not hilarity over feelings. This is the truth, that should slap everyone in the face. The only thing that can reverse this momentum is a banding together of the people who are sick of the shit. Not behind a presidential candidate, but together. We are the leader, collectively. The only problem is, the bud light drinking, crisis porn watching, ignorant, brainwashed majority who vote against themselves, and think it matters. You know I have always loved and respected you for being brave enough to say this stuff, and I feel very privileged to call you my friend, and to have called you a friend for goddamn near a decade. Keep up the good work, crip. See you soon.

  2. July 8, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Nice one, Sarah! I don’t know you but now I know something important about your heart. I’ll do what I can to share your post because only “liking” and agreeing is not enough. We need a domino effect and for this we need to take this small extra step to connect with others and pass on the light, so that it may once again become a beacon of hope and enlightenment. “A plague of enlightenment” … hahaha! a great oxymoron. One can only wish that enlightenment could work like a virus or bacteria. But where there is hope, there is a way.
    P.S. May I suggest you try my poetry and music — they are socially and politically engaged. And free.

    • July 8, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      Thank you for the kind words! And I will definitely check it out! I just have to get back from the eye doctor, first! Haha

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