Ice and The Face Ep. 88 Jan. 7, 2016

Oh damn! It’s the Ice and The Face two year anniversary episode, #88 on 1.7.16 and it will make your body hair stand on end and wiggle! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back the original guest: Mandrew from AWESOME TALK! Together, we pull up our skirts, get up on our tippy toes, strap on our lobster bibs, and wade through the stupid human mind collective to fish out such fundamentally paramount topics as: Embarrassing porno stories, blue tooth vagina speakers, pizza-makers and bong hits, drunken street speech, 2016 sex slang terms, the cummies, exploding condom machines, phone-charging smart toilets, what you can do with a human head filled with cement, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening! #HilarityOverFeelings


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