Ice and The Face Ep. 72 Sept. 17, 2015

THIS is Ice and The Face with Rick and Sarah, #72 -9.17.15- and it will suction onto your face like an alien baby! Tonight, we welcome to the show, Dean Formica of The Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow, AND his puppet, The Bearded Clam! It was on this night, we strapped on our scuba gear with the assless spandex body suits, got into the shark cage, and snorkeled deep down into the toilet bowl of human progress, harpooning such MEGA important issues as: sex robots sexily ending humanity, food fetishes, when genitals and flat irons come together, when dad is the perp hunting himself, lint pickers, Jesus in the men’s room at the strip club, and a WHOLE lot more! Thank you very much for listening! #hilarityoverfeelings


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