Ice and The Face Ep. 71 Sept. 10, 2015

Hello there! THIS is Ice and The Face #71 -9.10.15- with Rick and Sarah and guaranteed it will make you feel like a bi-sexual unicorn on ecstasy! Doesn’t that feel good!? Tonight, our special guest is AWESOME TALK! veteran, Andrew! Together, we sift through the stank garbage pail of human history, sniffing out such delicious morsels as: 19th century advice on being a good wife, 19th century advice on FINDING a good wife, Al Bundy’s three-breast theory, the joys of a giant head, vulva perfume vs play doh perfume, when friends go too far with a strap-on, gross man bodies of the 1800’s, and a whole lot more! Thank you very much for listening! #hilarityoverfeelings


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