Ice and The Face Ep. 197 Oct 19, 2018

Welcome home! This is Ice and The Face #197 -10.19.18- and it will swish around your guts with two fists whilst you laugh through your gurgling innards. And tonight, we welcome back, guest with the most frequent flyer mileage, Stonz! Together, we go up in the sky on a single engine plane, breathe in deep the increasingly toxic atmosphere, mutate, remove our parachutes, cross our fingers, smell them, and dive head first into such poignant topics as: Fun with fake ambulances, guys who set up street cones, street cone protection, dildo harassment, fun with a giant inflatable colon, water beds, break-up questionnaires, U-hauling coffins, clam-D-canes, Nebraska’s new slogan, donkey legislation, bankers who play hide-n-go seek at work, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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