Ice and The Face Ep. 193 Aug 5, 2018

Here we go! This is Ice and The Face #193 -8.5.18- and it is here to examine all your head holes. Tonight, we are “fortunate” enough to have reoccurring guest, Stonz in the house! Woot. Join the three of us, as we camp beneath the stars, breathing in all the diseased air of humanity into our lungs just to yack out some deep insights on amazing topics for you… stuff like: Re-using condoms, issues with a fainting goat at a Walmart, stealing live sharks with strollers, raising money for Kylie Jenner, an Amish Uber, a fly who ruins a domino world record, a fecal emergency light for your car, faking crazy, meth years vs. regular years, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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