Ice and The Face Ep. 188 June 21, 2018

Well OMG! This is Ice and The Face #188 -6.21.18- and it is here to tear your mind apart…but in a fun way. Tonight, we welcome Czar of, John Lacki! Joined together by way of similarly thinking brain meats, we throw down the gauntlet of truth and with our insanely mighty incisors, we bite down, tear flesh, and spit into your face, the juicy truths on such sweet and salty topics as: Coked up eels, fish sperm sacks and human tongues, giving your own home a low rating on Yelp, a kangaroo in Montana, angry peacocks attacking luxury cars, archaeologists at Woodstock, ghost hunting and science, briefcase cheeseburgers, woodworkers who chew their projects, man-caves vs she-sheds, public pool induced infections, roast beef with hand-cleaner seasoning, hot dogs that give black eyes, a bank robber who used his ID, being killed by a coffin, violent defecation, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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