Ice and The Face Ep. 186 May 3, 2018

LOOK! This is Ice and The Face #186 -5.3.18- and it will rip ALL your scary scabs off with great force! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back to the show, dominant force on the internet, John Lacki of! Together we build a blanket fort out of blankets and huddle together, shielding ourselves from the emerging mushroom cloud of normal person living. Thumbing through the endlessly unfinished book of regular life, we read and discuss such hotly important topics as: The newest yoga pant technology, clown problems, murderous clown women, a car hanging off a bridge as a joke, Sweet Jesus Ice Cream, coypu issues, de-veining shrimp and rats, when sex with a car goes wrong, sweating french fry grease, the new He-Man movie, and a whole lot more!

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