Ice and The Face Ep. 185 Apr. 29, 2018

AHOY! This is Ice and The Face #185 – 4.29.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back to the show, guest-like person, Stonz! Join us, and we dodge the shrapnel of normie living with Matrix like precision, slowing down the very worst of behaviors to a crawl, so we may point, bellow, and deliver to you and your hungry mind commentary on such steaming topics as: Superhero condoms, the actual lack of quicksand in the world, the world of miming, strange birthing circumstances, actual shadow protectors, spray food, a man and a horse and a bucket, upcycling, 1.2 million dollars in stolen fajitas, whether or not it’s normal to poop on a plate, pointed testicle tickling, a double jointed man fighting the police, swimming with crocodiles and bad stuff, when a ham fire goes wrong, whether or not farting is bullying, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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