Ice and The Face Ep. 184 Apr. 19, 2018

This is Ice and The Face #184 – 4.19.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah sit together and the very center of the universe, appalled, but nonetheless guffawing at the spectacle that is normal-person behavior. Join us, as we chuckle at this and that, bringing you the important commentary you need on such dry-heaving topics as: Condom practice, exposing yourself at the mall, eye-mustaches, fecal matter on your eggs, micro ego trips, accidentally climbing a mountain, FB knowledge, renting out a house you don’t own, news commentary by concerned citizens, a tumbleweed invasion, aggressive toilet paper usage, public bidets, morning testicle ice water, a stranger eating your Cheetos in your bathtub, an abandoned train full of excrement, a woman doesn’t leave her heads behind, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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