Ice and The Face Ep. 183 Apr. 7, 2018

BEHOLD! This is Ice and The Face #183 -4.7.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome returning guest-like person, Stonz! Together we stick and move, whilst trying to navigate our way through the rotten landscape of human behavior. Join us as we duck and cover ourselves from the shrapnel of the regular old awful world just to bring you the kind of sterling commentary you’d expect in times like these, focusing hard on such apocalyptic topics as: The condom challenge, when trying to impress your friends with a giant clam goes wrong, strange enzyme dangers, firefighter hats that burst into flames, placenta milkshakes, gender-reveal alligator parties, soft-shell crab dominance, family-cloth etiquette, quicksand issues, a guy who eats rug…like from the floor, bathroom fears, when clogging the toilet becomes vandalism, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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