Ice and The Face Ep. 182 Mar. 22, 2018

What what!? THIS is Ice and The Face #182 -3.22.18- and it will force your mind to swing for the fences, cross the line, and go too far! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are joined by the Master of, John Lacki! Join us as we camp beneath the stars on a dying planet, chuckle-snorting at all humanity has to offer! And while the campfire screams with the souls of our enemies, we offer up our deepest thoughts on such mind-bending topics as: A troublesome abandoned couch, blind people with gun permits, falling on someone’s knife repeatedly, when you’re told you’re dead, pickle-juice slushies, Shia LaBeouf in a movie about Shia LaBeouf, sports fans on legal cocaine, spruced up bowling, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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