Ice and The Face Ep. 181 Mar. 8, 2018

Now that we are all here… THIS is Ice and The Face #181 -3.8.18- and it will rub your mind raw! Tonight, we sort of welcome back to the bar, special guest, Stonz! Join us, as we pull out all the stops, cross the lines, swing the pendulum in the other direction, and dawdle along mindlessly as we abusively inundate your mind with special words on such existing topics as: Lady Doritos, spiders with tails, incorrect uses for sex toys, when you do NOT need a sexpert, a man charged with running himself over, termite soldiers VS ant soldiers, senior citizens on the front lines, the term dumpster fire, fun with Imodium, The Tugrats, the KFC gravy shortage, defecating in a garbage bag, angry escaped sheep, peach pits, 54 human hands, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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