Ice and The Face Ep. 179 Feb. 13, 2018

BINGO BANGO! This is Ice and The Face #179 -2.13.18- and it will pluck out all your painful brain splinters! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are…something, about Stonz joining us on the show! Together, we pack a picnic basket full of alcohol infused Reddi Whip, crisscross electrical tape over our nipples, and climb up on the back of a mighty giant eagle to safely soar over the land of human behavior and observe random societal brick-a-brack just to bring you important words on such soul gnawing topics as: Hot farts, new condom ideas, 18th century British slang, blind beauty pageant judges, a kid stuck in a claw machine, the kind of people who attract ghosts, a man banned from farms, when the face rejects the body, horse yoga, a surgeon who leaves his instruments behind, ISIS and bouncy castles, Denny’s wedding packages, Tantric Barney the Dinosaur, and a whole lot more! Thanks you all very much for listening!

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