Ice and The Face Ep. 175 Nov. 25, 2017

YES! This is Ice and The Face #175 -11.25.17- The Thanksgiving Leftovers Special 2017! Tonight, Stonz pulls up a bar stool and joins us for an epic night of gluttony! Together, we skip merrily through the feathers of millions of dead turkeys, beating off marauders with ham bones and the fruit cakes of yore, and pouring hot gravy into our crotches, all to go a caroling our way into your dark hearts and eager minds with such decadent and sweet topics as: Condom stuff, Thanksgiving issues, fake store uniforms around the holidays, various camel odors, pooping out a living bug, avocado and your potential sex life, orgasms that make you blind, guns in church, a car lost for 20 years, Thanksgiving flavored Pringles, the KFC tent, American gravy waterfalls, selling your home because of aliens, padlocks and penile problems, nuts in your peanuts, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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