Ice and The Face Ep. 163 July 30, 2017

Oh hey! THIS is Ice and The Face #163 -7.30.17- and it is here to cram its way inside your head and donkey punch your thoughts! Tonight, Sarah and Rick walk up to life’s bay window and have a seat, and together, we watch normie-living in awe and simultaneous horror! Careful not to be seen, we bear witness to a plethora of semi-human activities and for your pleasure, add a sort of DVD commentary, if you will, to fill your eager ears with an in depth look at such zany topics as: Goats, gelatin based diets, worshiping mutated animals, shirtless cab drivers, cab drivers with zany opinions, fake eyelashes and insects, a KFC nightclub, the emerging sex doll head market, sad facial recognition tech at Walmart, Prosecco pong, baby fight club, renting sex dolls, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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