Ice and The Face Ep. 161 July 13, 2017

Oh, hi there! THIS is Ice and The Face #161 -7.13.17- and it is here to reach that part you can’t reach! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back the overlord of, John Lacki! Together, we splash through the mud of everyday life, retching and giggling maniacally, pointing and commenting on this and that! And, as we dip and dodge past giant swooping insects of failure, we bring to you the rotten meaty and stinking truths of such enormously important topics as: Bro jobs, lost and found breast implants, emergency room ethics, gluten free bread and the catholic church, bottled saliva sales, the donkey skin trade, donkey sympathy, forcing folks to shop at Target at gun point, blood and violence between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, parents saying embarrassing things on FB, selfies with dead bears, stabbing brains, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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