Ice and The Face Ep. 155 May 26, 2017

THIS is Ice and The Face #155 -5.26.17- and it is ready for a nice romantic evening at home with you and the misses.  Tonight we walk, hand in hand in hand, with our magnanimous life-partner, Tony Tedesco, and take a soul-journey through the wasteland of human confusion and depravity, and in the end, climb to heights hitherto unclimbed. Join us as we reach climactic expanses of the human mind pit with such topics as: Stubble in HD, smelling your finger, used breast implants, plastic surgery on Ebay, male sex toys that are desert-ready, pubic hair stencils and fun, dead cats and used freezers, sex in ancient China, enlarged sperm necklaces, stealing security systems to cover nefarious behaviors, pumping your own gas and violence, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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