Ice and The Face Ep. 150 April 16, 2017 – The Easter Time Jubilee

This is Ice and The Face #150 – 4.16.17 – The Easter Time Jubilee. On this bizarre holiday, Sarah and Rick decide to crouch behind the bushes of normie life, and watch as folks damn near murder one another over chocolate eggs. It’s a real funny time. After the Easter Time slayings slow to a gentle screaming stop, we shuffle through topic after topic in our Sunday best, skipping and whistling tunes about such hot goings-on as: Easter and all that goes with that, Peeps, headless & footless chickens, fast food conspiracies, Pan-Cake drink, kickball problems, human nutrition facts, tongue ice pops, when releasing doves goes all wrong, a nurdle of toothpaste, owning a house vs living in an apartment, angry clowns, an unfortunate knit shark blanket, and whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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