Ice and The Face Ep. 147 March 23, 2017

Why hello there! This is Ice and The Face #147 -3.23.17- and it will numb all your life-sores! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, Lord of, John Lacki! Join us, as we make camp in the dystopian wilderness, observing normies in their natural habitat. Hear us, as we document the findings and make hypotheses on such off the cuff topics as: Failed fast food ideas, people whose reality show was cancelled unbeknownst to them, how to eat your friends, sex dolls equipped with family-mode, big foot meat, etiquette for escaping from prison, finger hot dogs, mysteriously finding yourself on dating sites, poisoning your spouse for sleeping purposes, Burger King chickens, drinking vodka before work by accident, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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