Ice and The Face Ep. 144 Feb. 16, 2017

YO! This is Ice and The Face #144 -2.16.17- and it will help you forget about all that stuff from your life! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back, musician extraordinaire and famous AF guy, Rick Barry! Together, we join forces with a magical mud-skipper, who guides us through the wet and sloppy world of the normies in order to keep us from being consumed by behavior that can only be described as partially explicable, and once we’ve traversed this garbage-like landscape, we gaily present you with such overtly incredible topics as: Condom fun, other fun types of contraception, the pain of the friend-zone, Burger King sex toys, secretly turning your home into a den of discreet sex toys, Dick Street, funeral selfies, a guy with gold in his arse, depression over polar bears, complaints of a billionaire, plastic surgery gone wrong, fun funeral DVD’s, breaking your lease with death, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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