Ice and The Face Ep. 138 Dec. 30, 2016

Hey you! Good to see you! This is Ice and The Face #138 -12.30.16- and it is here to rub bacon grease all over your neck! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are once again joined by the prestigious Tony Tedesco. Together, we fight off rabid sea gulls, rip the tags off of pre-bought pillows, make a fire out of dead childhood dreams, and guffaw joyously whilst excavating a ton of truth on such burning topics as: Miller High Life bottles, chainsaw and genital mishaps, the right way to hang toilet paper, what’s going on with weather girls and goats, warm sex dolls made to order, a nagging hologram girlfriend, another guy sticking his junk where it don’t belong, the grandma police AKA the G-Unit, a sketchy impotence device, going to the store in Pennsylvania & waking up in Alabama, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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