Ice and The Face Ep. 134 Nov. 28, 2016

Why hello! THIS is Ice and The Face #134 -11.28.16- The Thanksgiving Leftovers Special, and it is here to protect you from all that crazy crap you’re hiding from everyone! Tonight, Sarah and Rick embark on a magical journey, and armed with cheap hairspray, a lighter, two alien walnuts, and a shriveled turkey neck yanked straight from the cavity, we make merry and get jolly smackin’ around this and that about intense burning topics such as: The butterball Thanksgiving hotline, a turkey from 1969, new family traditions, sperm smoothies, the friend zone, $20,000 craft beer and dead squirrels, Thanksgiving in Paris, flip-flop cowboy boots, boiled eggs for sex, potatoes in the mail, kids’ toys gone crazy, unsuspecting dead bodies in hotel rooms, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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