Ice and The Face Ep. 130 Oct. 27, 2016

HEYO! This is Ice and The Face #130 -10.27.16- and it is here to take care of that little problem you don’t want anyone to know about! Tonight, Sarah and Rick are joined by the very famous, Rick Barry! Together, we strap on our ivory cleats, eat chunks of meat from the carcass of hope, cavort upon the dance floor of Dante’s inferno, drink kale shakes, and chortle gaily at such astounding topics as: Swallowing a stick of butter, bathing in hot sauce, stone-age rug gathering, annoyances of Halloween, bizarre Halloween history, running yourself over driving home from the strip club, a man with half a head, weird ways to die, crack in elementary school, macrophilia, man troubles with bottles, and whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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