Ice and The Face Ep. 127 Oct. 7, 2016

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, YOU walked into ours! THIS is Ice and The Face #127 -10.7.16- and it is here to soothe those itchy little bumps you’re so sillily worried about! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back critically acclaimed guest, Tony Horonimous Tedesco! Together, we strap on our boxing gloves, holster several cans of highly destructive bug spray, eat testosterone boosters by the fistful, and slather our feet with essential oils for good measure to safely wade through the mudpit of human stuff to leak the truth on such premium topics as: Spending tens of thousands of dollars to look like David Beckham, crapping yourself in McDonald’s, abusing your get-out-of-jail for a day card, glitter and bodily fluids, un-unicorns and brides, exploding poo-boxes, Coors beer and cocaine, mass “exorcisms”, DWI’s gone crazy, sex robots that are warm in all the right places, the potential pitfalls of Stiff Bull coffee, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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