Ice and The Face Ep. 126 Sept. 30, 2016

AWW YEAH! Happy International Podcast Day! THIS is Ice and The Face #126 -9.30.16- and it is here to blow your tube socks off your foot corns! Tonight, Rick and Sarah celebrate this joyous holiday by slipping on our favorite camouflage Crocs with matching fanny-packs to preparedly skip through a forest of idiotic human behavior! Listen, as we stand in aw of the severe lack of logic and intelligence bestowed upon the earth by beings who consider themselves “superior” whilst exploring the seedy underbelly of such incredible topics as: Demons in your clothes, losing a body in your own home, snakes and silicone, squirrel-hunting gone wrong, intestines on your carry-on, vaginal facial masks, spiders in the toilet, fondling breasts to predict the future, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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