Ice and The Face Ep. 119 Aug. 12, 2016

tonyGREETINGS! This is Ice & The Face #119 -8.12.16- and tonight Sarah and Rick are once again joined by Tony Tedesco! Together, we crush up some collaxion crystals, strap on the feedbags of stupid human activities, and we push some of the most important things you ever heard through a unique filter of flowery language and joyous banter that could only be described by onlookers as intellectual savage blind rage tamed only by utter confusion! Tonight, we dig down deep, to plow through the ins and outs of such pertinent topics as: Unwarranted hemorrhoid surgery, more on performance art, stolen penis pumps and identity, punishment by robot, bacon-nipples, horrors of uncleanliness, fine cashmere socks for your junk, grapple-hook disasters that effect all of us, mistaking cop cars for taxi cars, old-timey profanities, toddlers as weapons, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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