Ice and The Face Ep. 114 July 10/11, 2016

RIGHT OVER HERE! THIS is Ice and The Face #114 -7.10/11.16- The Asbury Park Comedy and Podcast Festival Special! For this show, Sarah and Rick begin by first delving into some choice top shelf mutant-human events, and nearing the halfway mark, we transition over to our live performance at the AP Podfest, recorded at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, where we wooed the crowd with our unique brand of charm as is audibly illustrated by the “Ooo’s” and “Ahhh’s” of the joyous drinking and somewhat confused onlookers! Buried betwixt parts one and two, we cut into the putrid stink of powerful and pungent topics such as: Idiot public behaviors, service-people rescuing sex dolls, selfie-fans for hair-blowing, Walmart battle-royals, eating hair, female condoms, losing a testicle by accident, pubic-hair-dresses, post-coital dysphoria, masturbating and vehicular mishaps, the inconvenience of animals in the road, abortion-funerals, Ken Ham, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening! AND go check out the hashtag #PodernFamily! #HilarityOverFeelings

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