Ice and The Face Ep. 109 June 3, 2016

Buenos Dias! THIS is Ice and The face #109 – 6.3.16 – and it will unclog all your holes with great efficiency! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back repeat offender, Tony Tedesco of AWESOME TALK! and Full Fathom Five! Together, we sit on the edge of the lake of fire, and dip our toes into the searing heat of stupid human behaviors, whilst lugubriously mentally hunting and gathering nuggets of pristine truths on such gnarled and dastardly topics as: Licking cats, stupid questions googled most by your home state, breastfeeding deer, testosterone riddled infants, taking a dump in the self checkout, 19th century ailments requiring a trip to the mental institution, freezers for your loved ones sold cheap, romantic hair burning, Ted Cruz sex with Guy Fieri, ejaculating and pissing in cups, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

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