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There are days, like the ones I have had lately, where the word “chronic” literally rings through my head every few minutes.  Constantly popping its head back up like a curse.  It is the word that engulfs my entire existence, and even during times when symptoms are a bit reduced, the truth of the word follows every action I manage to achieve.

Being in my mid-thirties, now, I have lived through seeing many people I know or are connected to, get ill from various illnesses;  some much rarer or confusing than others, and many of them very painful or complicated.  After finding treatment, going through the healing process, they continue on, somewhat changed and more grateful for their health, to live the rest of their lives.  I honestly can’t imagine what that might be like.  Of course I have had many temporary things wrong with me through the years, whether they were illness or injury, just like you probably have, but all those things, from the least to the most painful, are so very different than what it is like to have a chronic illness and chronic pain.

I think it is pretty human to get used to things as they are once they are the same for long enough.  I imagine this is why people say things like “time heals all wounds”, or “it gets easier every day”, when something terrible happens.  Obviously the idea is that the bad thing has happened, life is continuing on, and the longer you spend living back in that reality, the more the terrible thing starts to fade from your foremost thoughts and emotions.

I say that to try to impress on you the true heartbreak a life of chronic pain and illness carry along with it.  As symptoms flare and subside, which can happen for days, weeks, months, or even a year, we get used to the new reality.  If we are “lucky” enough to have something that has hurt for five years finally start to subside for a small amount of time, our human nature, the part that lets all wounds heal with time, cannot help but get used to that small new freedom.  It isn’t without complete skepticism, of course.  I am well aware that any one of my symptoms subsiding momentarily just means they will be back at some later point.  When that later point finally shows up, though, the heartbreak is hard to explain.  “Chronic” also means a life of chronic disappointment.  Something you could do last week isn’t necessarily going to be something you can do an hour from now.  When enough hours have passed, though, where you could do it, the moment it is snatched away again leaves a hole much bigger than the last time it happened.  The holes get so big over time that the abyss it creates swallows you, sometimes completely.

As you grow older with a chronic illness, you have to accept new losses completely outside of yourself.  When everyone I knew had just graduated high school and were planning to go to college, I was calling the admissions office of the school of my dreams to keep persuading them to push off my start date because at the time I had a home nurse and was on IV medicine.  I did this over and over again, so thoroughly determined to achieve this dream of mine.  Except that dream, and many more, would never really be achieved.  After so many delays I was finally told I would have to reapply for admission, understandably.  I never did.  I would never be in a position after that point where moving out of state, on my own, and doing every little thing from morning to night that every normal person does, would be achievable to me alone.

So you watch as everyone moves on to new aspects of their adulthood.  Exploring the things they love and discovering what might one day end up being their careers.  It happens around you much the same way you see those clips in movies where everyone in a city is moving sped up but the camera is focused on the one still person in the crowd.  You watch the entire world move and grow around you, and you do not grow with it.  You do not move on, you do not enter these different phases of life most adults you know do, because you simply cannot.  


Ice and The Face Ep. 162 July 20, 2017

HI! This is Ice and The Face #162 -7.20.17- and after teaching our cat how to fly a kite and get sweet abs, we decided to grace your head-wounds with a series of miserable side-quests you wish you didn’t have to deal with in order to hit 100%! On this journey, guided by the stupor of a blind man named Stonz, we venture forth into the great unknown, and find out it isn’t all that great.  In fact, we find out that “great” in “great unknown” is just more of a catchphrase than anything relating to real life.  So, I guess, just follow us through the lava-pits of hell we call the human condition, and probably do some drugs too, or whatever.  So grab your sturdiest leather harness, saddle up, and let your ears rejoice in such topics as: The benefits of not naming your baby, sex in medieval times, a rock shaped like a penis in Norway, police in a stand off with an empty house for 14 hours, old school law, recreating the penis from scratch, testicles and evolution, meat and your sex drive, drowning during baptism, Mike Tyson henna tattoo burns, legally eating roadkill, a guy stuck inside an ATM machine, pulling your kids in a wagon behind your car, swords in Texas, the father of a bride struck by lightning, finding dead rodents in your food, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 161 July 13, 2017

Oh, hi there! THIS is Ice and The Face #161 -7.13.17- and it is here to reach that part you can’t reach! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back the overlord of, John Lacki! Together, we splash through the mud of everyday life, retching and giggling maniacally, pointing and commenting on this and that! And, as we dip and dodge past giant swooping insects of failure, we bring to you the rotten meaty and stinking truths of such enormously important topics as: Bro jobs, lost and found breast implants, emergency room ethics, gluten free bread and the catholic church, bottled saliva sales, the donkey skin trade, donkey sympathy, forcing folks to shop at Target at gun point, blood and violence between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, parents saying embarrassing things on FB, selfies with dead bears, stabbing brains, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 160 July 7, 2017

Hello! This is Ice and The Face #160 -7.7.17- and tonight Sarah and Rick un-stick themselves from the flypaper of life in order to rearrange your most disgusting thoughts into a more manageable series of horrible memories. Join us on this light-hearted romp through the nether regions of the human condition, and you too will understand the path to true enlightenment is a hop skip, and a frolic away.  Bathe your basted mind-meats in such topics as: Frolicking, the female condom, splinters in toilet paper, vegetable abuse, heat resistant cows, human hump beer, driverless police cars, self-driving car that hate kangaroos, eating other people to cure diabetes, gluttony, stroking your mom’s leg hair, peeing in the sink, grandma slapping, beating up a sex robot of yourself, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 159 June 29, 2017

Welcome to the dream! Ice and The Face #159 -6.29.17- is here to soothe all that burning you’re dealing with! Tonight, Rick and Sarah go Yankee-doodling with a person for sure, Stonz! Together, we get to rock climbing, lifting ourselves far above the dark city of regular normie life. Looking down in total confusion, sneering with great abandon and unmitigated gall, we allow our senses to absorb as much as three human beings can possibly endure to expend cleanly filtered truths on such zany topics as: Hobby-horsing, hot dog drones, humanoid hot dog issues, evidently irritating men’s clothing, hairy men, vests, car horns that quack, 17th century fart jars, Porta-Potty huffing, strange bar rules, how diamonds and gold are stupid, the impending helium shortage, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 158 June 19, 2017

YES! You came! This is Ice and The Face #158 -6.19.17- and it is here to throw hot sand into your mind’s eye! 😀 Tonight, Rick and Sarah join hands and go spelunking into the dank dark earth caves of normie life! Wearing hats with lights on them and swatting away the occasional bat, we do our best to wax philosophical on a laundry list of normie behaviors ranging all the way from hither to thither. Examples include: Cheap robot priests, why there’s no Uncle Day, shutting up your kids with potatoes, the intricacies of free-balling, testicles with love handles, shotguns that blast cereal, trying to make a quick get-away in first gear, Ken Ham’s stupid ark, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 157 June 12, 2017

Well look at YOU! THIS is Ice and The Face #157 -6.12.17- and it will bleed your mind’s feet until the demons have been exorcised! Tonight, Rick and Sarah huddle beneath a giant black storm cloud of normie activities and stand in absolute AWE, shielding ourselves with an iron umbrella, peeking out occasionally with eyes wide to subject our minds to the horrors of normie living in order unveil the dark truths on such jubilant topics as: Modest penises, politician porn preferences, issues with coughing, accidentally fighting crocodiles to impress girls, home dentistry at Wal-Mart, goose poop at Disney Land, Pirate Joe’s VS Trader Joe’s, habits that lead to break ups, professional fish hit men, emotional support attack dogs, people TOO excited for warm Bud Light, “underwater bridges”, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 156 June 2, 2017

What in the?! HEY, it’s Ice and The Face #156 -6.2.17- and it is here to fix your mouth and face up all bright! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, person we know, Stonz! Together, we erect a tent beneath the apocalyptic mushroom clouds of day to day life, and whilst rocking back and forth, humming along to the war drums of irate normies, we chuckle warmly and deliver our views on topics as million-dollar-strong as: Kids and the end times, Carl theories, glass eyes and whatnot, unexpected porn search misspellings, porning with bros, fishing with McNuggets, mistakes with cocaine, man-sized penguins, saving boogers, booger-sculptures, birds who deliver ecstasy pills, penguin fighting, cycling mistakes, eating your own toes, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Hot Dogs are People, Too?

For some reason that’s none of your business, I had to Google “hot dogs” and view the images provided. As I scrolled through hundreds of pieces of hot dog-related content, I began to notice a cultural anomaly evidently more popular than I had ever realized before: People LOVE to create faces on hot dogs. Oh, and it doesn’t end there- They also create arms and legs and tails and tongues, all while arranging them into poses and gestures. Hot dogs lay on plates looking sad, happy, terrified, crazed, and one was a zombie hot dog…which is weird, and I think there was a gosh darn fucking pirate in there. The realization came hard and swift: Regular folks really wig out on wiener night. It got me to thinking how it came to this.

Let’s just be honest here… hot dogs are ground up leftover dead animal balls and hoofs and shit. It’s carcass scrapings just edible enough not to kill you too quickly, taste amazing, and pair beautifully with just about any condiment, no matter how zesty. Here’s how they are created according to me and some other stuff about that: Once the meat-leavins are properly whipped into delicious seasoned meat paste, it’s all shoved, and more importantly, perfectly shaped, into a maniacally straight sock of intestine, and balloon-knotted at the ends. Take a good look; the very tips of hot dogs look like dueling assholes. Someday, I recommend giving a hot dog a good hard squeeze, maybe at a family Q to impress the neighbors, and see if the ends prolapse some meat out. It’s a lot of fun and the kids get all crazy and screamy about it. In my heart of hearts, I guess I don’t mind all of this because I’ve eaten plenty of hot dogs, but the more I dig into the mysteries of the subject, the more I think I’d now rather eat cigarettes.

So, what is going on with these hot dogs’ faces? Why do human normies feel the need to personify a meat tube that will presumably be chewed and swallowed? Is it because hot dogs are just a fat meat snack from a faceless source? Is it a dominance thing, like, I need to know there was a face on my food at some point, so here it is? I think if you mix enough meat together it’s no longer anything. It becomes something else. C’mon, lips and feet were never supposed to be blended together and called one thing. Therefore, it’s evolved, so NOW you can use your imagination to give it any kind of look you like! Your own perfectly invented meat-creature. But seriously, I don’t know for a fact that that is it. It may be so much deeper than that.

I find most of the faces created, and the embracement of hot dog culture, in general, to be sweet and lovable, despite the awfulness of the whole thing. Folks look jovial and proud, using mustard, relish, peppercorns, and other delicious crap to create a happy smiling hot dog friend who absolutely can’t wait to be crushed by your teeth and swallowed into your shit-brewery. It’s your nutritionless servant, proud to be devoured by you. There’s no pain, just joy. It’s a smile that you get to eat. A character you get to take within thine self as you would the eucharist. It’s not like any of us are out there curing cancer or anything, so this is one of life’s little poisonous achievements, and like the fetal stages of drug addiction, it provides great joy.

Now, get out there, doll up your wienees, and munch down one mysterious little friend after the next. I can’t think of a better method of dancing your way to a heart attack than to create happy faces to fartfully shit out later. AND with a little luck, and perhaps a bit of whimsy, one of these little fellows MAY come out smiling harder than it was going in, so don’t flush too eagerly and keep your cell at the ready!

Ice and The Face Ep. 155 May 26, 2017

THIS is Ice and The Face #155 -5.26.17- and it is ready for a nice romantic evening at home with you and the misses.  Tonight we walk, hand in hand in hand, with our magnanimous life-partner, Tony Tedesco, and take a soul-journey through the wasteland of human confusion and depravity, and in the end, climb to heights hitherto unclimbed. Join us as we reach climactic expanses of the human mind pit with such topics as: Stubble in HD, smelling your finger, used breast implants, plastic surgery on Ebay, male sex toys that are desert-ready, pubic hair stencils and fun, dead cats and used freezers, sex in ancient China, enlarged sperm necklaces, stealing security systems to cover nefarious behaviors, pumping your own gas and violence, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!