Ice and The Face Ep. 197 Oct 19, 2018

Welcome home! This is Ice and The Face #197 -10.19.18- and it will swish around your guts with two fists whilst you laugh through your gurgling innards. And tonight, we welcome back, guest with the most frequent flyer mileage, Stonz! Together, we go up in the sky on a single engine plane, breathe in deep the increasingly toxic atmosphere, mutate, remove our parachutes, cross our fingers, smell them, and dive head first into such poignant topics as: Fun with fake ambulances, guys who set up street cones, street cone protection, dildo harassment, fun with a giant inflatable colon, water beds, break-up questionnaires, U-hauling coffins, clam-D-canes, Nebraska’s new slogan, donkey legislation, bankers who play hide-n-go seek at work, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 196 Oct 11, 2018

This is Ice and The Face #196 -10.11.18- and it is here in existence…all for you! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are joined by the King of, John Lacki! As a combined unit, we don our smartest clothes, place trouble-area items at the top of our action list, and really hit them where it hurts with 100% out-of-the-box thinking…we also unleash a whole other list of less douchey terms which are unrelated to the workplace to bring you the truth on such topics as: Saran Wrap condoms, living phone fingers, finger condoms, what makes a desirable caveman, goofy dead whale disposal, llama photos in place of mail, dead body etiquette, microwaved urine, self abuse with a brick, a guy making real-life deadly booby-traps, ghosts lookin’ for meth, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 195 Sept 30, 2018

HI! This is Ice and The Face #195 -9.30.18- The International Podcast Day Special! Tonight, we are teamed up with Stonz to fill your life with a certain level of importance. Join us, as we trudge through the consistent nightmares of life, chuckling darkly as we bring you some perspective on such topics as: Condom expiration dates, Bluetooth sex dolls, actual cat burglars, googly eyes for fish, eyeball swapping, nether region tortoise finds, penis contouring, mouth farts, Thunder Mountain and kidney stones, a guy hit by a falling sheep, bee/humans hybrids, attacking robbers with dentures, the turpentine body cleanse, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 185 Apr. 29, 2018

AHOY! This is Ice and The Face #185 – 4.29.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back to the show, guest-like person, Stonz! Join us, and we dodge the shrapnel of normie living with Matrix like precision, slowing down the very worst of behaviors to a crawl, so we may point, bellow, and deliver to you and your hungry mind commentary on such steaming topics as: Superhero condoms, the actual lack of quicksand in the world, the world of miming, strange birthing circumstances, actual shadow protectors, spray food, a man and a horse and a bucket, upcycling, 1.2 million dollars in stolen fajitas, whether or not it’s normal to poop on a plate, pointed testicle tickling, a double jointed man fighting the police, swimming with crocodiles and bad stuff, when a ham fire goes wrong, whether or not farting is bullying, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 184 Apr. 19, 2018

This is Ice and The Face #184 – 4.19.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah sit together and the very center of the universe, appalled, but nonetheless guffawing at the spectacle that is normal-person behavior. Join us, as we chuckle at this and that, bringing you the important commentary you need on such dry-heaving topics as: Condom practice, exposing yourself at the mall, eye-mustaches, fecal matter on your eggs, micro ego trips, accidentally climbing a mountain, FB knowledge, renting out a house you don’t own, news commentary by concerned citizens, a tumbleweed invasion, aggressive toilet paper usage, public bidets, morning testicle ice water, a stranger eating your Cheetos in your bathtub, an abandoned train full of excrement, a woman doesn’t leave her heads behind, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 183 Apr. 7, 2018

BEHOLD! This is Ice and The Face #183 -4.7.18! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome returning guest-like person, Stonz! Together we stick and move, whilst trying to navigate our way through the rotten landscape of human behavior. Join us as we duck and cover ourselves from the shrapnel of the regular old awful world just to bring you the kind of sterling commentary you’d expect in times like these, focusing hard on such apocalyptic topics as: The condom challenge, when trying to impress your friends with a giant clam goes wrong, strange enzyme dangers, firefighter hats that burst into flames, placenta milkshakes, gender-reveal alligator parties, soft-shell crab dominance, family-cloth etiquette, quicksand issues, a guy who eats rug…like from the floor, bathroom fears, when clogging the toilet becomes vandalism, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 182 Mar. 22, 2018

What what!? THIS is Ice and The Face #182 -3.22.18- and it will force your mind to swing for the fences, cross the line, and go too far! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are joined by the Master of, John Lacki! Join us as we camp beneath the stars on a dying planet, chuckle-snorting at all humanity has to offer! And while the campfire screams with the souls of our enemies, we offer up our deepest thoughts on such mind-bending topics as: A troublesome abandoned couch, blind people with gun permits, falling on someone’s knife repeatedly, when you’re told you’re dead, pickle-juice slushies, Shia LaBeouf in a movie about Shia LaBeouf, sports fans on legal cocaine, spruced up bowling, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 181 Mar. 8, 2018

Now that we are all here… THIS is Ice and The Face #181 -3.8.18- and it will rub your mind raw! Tonight, we sort of welcome back to the bar, special guest, Stonz! Join us, as we pull out all the stops, cross the lines, swing the pendulum in the other direction, and dawdle along mindlessly as we abusively inundate your mind with special words on such existing topics as: Lady Doritos, spiders with tails, incorrect uses for sex toys, when you do NOT need a sexpert, a man charged with running himself over, termite soldiers VS ant soldiers, senior citizens on the front lines, the term dumpster fire, fun with Imodium, The Tugrats, the KFC gravy shortage, defecating in a garbage bag, angry escaped sheep, peach pits, 54 human hands, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 180 Feb. 22, 2018

Well now…look at YOU! This is Ice and The Face #180 -2.22.18- and it will scrub you in all those hard to reach places in your brain! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, show favorite, Tony Tedesco! Together, we lavishly regale you with chuckle-worthy musings while slurping down liquid antibiotics for safety and stomp dancing around the campfire, making merry and… Umm… anyway, we talk about such crotch-burning topics as: Scientists and cosplay sex, the new Joker, reptilian sex partners, top PornHub super hero searches, discrimination against alcoholics, pole dancers at the nursing home, scratch N sniff fried chicken cards, Kentucky Fried Quail, getting away on a stick-pony, authentic fire-alarm pulling, internal burning, letting go of the wheel, farts on a plane, AI Valentine’s Day terms of endearment, when counseling goes wrong, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 179 Feb. 13, 2018

BINGO BANGO! This is Ice and The Face #179 -2.13.18- and it will pluck out all your painful brain splinters! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are…something, about Stonz joining us on the show! Together, we pack a picnic basket full of alcohol infused Reddi Whip, crisscross electrical tape over our nipples, and climb up on the back of a mighty giant eagle to safely soar over the land of human behavior and observe random societal brick-a-brack just to bring you important words on such soul gnawing topics as: Hot farts, new condom ideas, 18th century British slang, blind beauty pageant judges, a kid stuck in a claw machine, the kind of people who attract ghosts, a man banned from farms, when the face rejects the body, horse yoga, a surgeon who leaves his instruments behind, ISIS and bouncy castles, Denny’s wedding packages, Tantric Barney the Dinosaur, and a whole lot more! Thanks you all very much for listening!