East Coast peeps, see us LIVE at the Asbury Park Comedy and Podcast Festival!


Ice and The Face is VERY excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to be a part of the Asbury Park Comedy & Podcast Festival on July 10th hosted by PBR Podcast with headliner, stand up comic, Jim Florentine! I’ll let the awesomeness of THAT news set in for a moment…

OK! We will be performing at some point during the 11AM to 1:30 PM show atop the roof of the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten! Admission to this part of the show is FREE! That said, there are INCREDIBLE lineups for both the day and night show, TRUST ME, so we very much encourage you to pick up tix for the night show at the House of Independents as well. We really need your support that morning, so we hope to see as many of you there as possible! Thank you all, and thank you to PBR Podcast and the APCPF crew for choosing us to participate in this awesome event!

Check out the Ice and The Face schedule for the next few weeks

Ice and The Face 111 GUEST: Rick Barry – 6.18.16

Ice and The Face 112 GUEST: John Lacki – 6.23.16

Ice and The Face 113 GUEST: TBA – 6.30.16

Ice and The Face 114 GUEST: TBA – 7.7.16

Ice and The Face 115 LIVE at Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten at 11AM for the Asbury Park Comedy & Podcast Festival FREE ADMISSION!!!
Ice and The Face 116 Chanse Gierbolini of Chanse Photography and Sherman Tanks – A Podcast – 7.7.16

Ice and The Face Ep. 110 June 11, 2016

Well holler! THIS is Ice and The Face #110 -6.11.16- and tonight, Rick and Sarah squeeze into animal-print leotards, don our heads with ten-gallon rhinestone cowboy hats, and equipped with flamethrowers and sweet wrap-around Oakleys, we proceed to gruntily plow through the human dumpster of experience to dig out hard truths on such topics as: Off-putting family activities, disconcerting Polaroids, child birthday party management, butter snacks, men living as six year old girls, jacking in the hospital stairwell, a drunken violent priest, meat chocolate, crazy sperm donors, old men using communal hairdryers for their nether regions, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 109 June 3, 2016

Buenos Dias! THIS is Ice and The face #109 – 6.3.16 – and it will unclog all your holes with great efficiency! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back repeat offender, Tony Tedesco of AWESOME TALK! and Full Fathom Five! Together, we sit on the edge of the lake of fire, and dip our toes into the searing heat of stupid human behaviors, whilst lugubriously mentally hunting and gathering nuggets of pristine truths on such gnarled and dastardly topics as: Licking cats, stupid questions googled most by your home state, breastfeeding deer, testosterone riddled infants, taking a dump in the self checkout, 19th century ailments requiring a trip to the mental institution, freezers for your loved ones sold cheap, romantic hair burning, Ted Cruz sex with Guy Fieri, ejaculating and pissing in cups, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 108 May 26, 2016

Booyah! This is Ice and The Face #108 -5.26.16- and it is here to squirt lemon juice into your third eye! Tonight, Sarah and Rick welcome back our beloved guest, Stonz! Together, we climb the mountainous turd that is society, equipped ONLY with a baby cage, two fully shaved squirrels, a chisel, a fifty pound bag of walnuts, a bent pool noodle, and a colostomy bag (for good measure) in search of divine information on such bush burning topics as: Pyramid sex, questionable dolphin masturbation, humping dirty old drain pipes, eggplant pleasure, how things got where they went, dog men, cereal and jerking it, the jerk shirt, toilet rage, fried chicken feet, the ins and outs of menstrual cups, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 107 May 22, 2016

Salutations! THIS is Ice and The Face #107 -5.22.16- and it will bleed the feet of your sick inner demons! On this night, Rick and Sarah take out an insurance policy on our collective sanity, and stop, drop, and barrel roll our way into the public zeitgeist to shut down the containment unit on such spirit-shattering topics as: Unfortunate suction, rectum babies, the dangers of pre-cohabitating from those “in the know”, the dangers of driving and oral sex, the ins and outs of banging water bottles, earth-banging, Chinese banana-eating, compost glory holes, why millennials suck at crime, men who get breast implants for the right reasons, Cthulhu dildos, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 106 May 11, 2016

Ice and The Face and John LackiHIYA! This is Ice and The Face #106 -5.11.16- and it is here to throw some fuel on this dumpster fire we call LIFE! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are once again joined by Playboy magazine favorite and overlord of, John Lacki! Together, we strap on our high heeled boots, tie on our C-strings, fill our mouths with broken glass shards, and jubilantly skip through a minefield of such stunning topics as: Ted Cruise in porn, cops who live-tweet, outdated swear terms, selling your nipples and belly button on ebay, mutated sex toys, how to wash your dirty hands properly, America: The Beer, eating corn without ripping your scalp off, farting to fix that pesky heroin addiction, and a whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening! #HilarityOverFeelings

Ice and The Face Ep. 105 May 4, 2016

Oh HEY! This is Ice and The Face #105 -5.4.16- and it is here to cleanse your dirty wreaking insides! Tonight, Sarah and Rick are once again joined by one of our favorite guests, Tony Tedesco! Together, we put on our space suits, inject ourselves with truth serum, suckle on the dried out teets of the damned, and through an earthquake of chuckling, delve into such chief topics as: Deer and driver’s tests, the Human Centipede in high schools, the trials and tribulations of using the yucca root, two-headed cows and villagers, angel sex dolls, life’s turduckins, Guy-fi booths, leaving kids in the car to learn ’em good, penis extensions and good prices, and whole lot more! Thank you ALL very much for listening!