Ice and The Face Ep. 180 Feb. 22, 2018

Well now…look at YOU! This is Ice and The Face #180 -2.22.18- and it will scrub you in all those hard to reach places in your brain! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, show favorite, Tony Tedesco! Together, we lavishly regale you with chuckle-worthy musings while slurping down liquid antibiotics for safety and stomp dancing around the campfire, making merry and… Umm… anyway, we talk about such crotch-burning topics as: Scientists and cosplay sex, the new Joker, reptilian sex partners, top PornHub super hero searches, discrimination against alcoholics, pole dancers at the nursing home, scratch N sniff fried chicken cards, Kentucky Fried Quail, getting away on a stick-pony, authentic fire-alarm pulling, internal burning, letting go of the wheel, farts on a plane, AI Valentine’s Day terms of endearment, when counseling goes wrong, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 179 Feb. 13, 2018

BINGO BANGO! This is Ice and The Face #179 -2.13.18- and it will pluck out all your painful brain splinters! Tonight, Rick and Sarah are…something, about Stonz joining us on the show! Together, we pack a picnic basket full of alcohol infused Reddi Whip, crisscross electrical tape over our nipples, and climb up on the back of a mighty giant eagle to safely soar over the land of human behavior and observe random societal brick-a-brack just to bring you important words on such soul gnawing topics as: Hot farts, new condom ideas, 18th century British slang, blind beauty pageant judges, a kid stuck in a claw machine, the kind of people who attract ghosts, a man banned from farms, when the face rejects the body, horse yoga, a surgeon who leaves his instruments behind, ISIS and bouncy castles, Denny’s wedding packages, Tantric Barney the Dinosaur, and a whole lot more! Thanks you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 178 Jan. 18, 2018

YO YO! THIS is Ice and The Face #178 -1.18.18- and it will get your ears like you’re King Hamlet sleeping in an orchard! Tonight, Rick and Sarah somewhat welcome back repeat offender, Stonz! Join us, as we skip through the acid rain of everyday life, feeling relief as our skin slowly melts us to death as we address such wince-creating topics as: Condom musings, the Michelin Man’s reals name, a man who cemented his head in a microwave, what constitutes a “prank”, vibrator mistakes, other people’s computers, barking trains, dastardly squirrels, weird things stuck in body holes in 2017, weird mascot facts, dirty underwear in new pants, getting drunk on alcoholic gravy, fun with broom handles, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 177 Jan. 11, 2018

Oh, how goes it? This is Ice and The Face #177 -1.11.18- and it is here to help you rip all of life’s band-aids off with great force! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back the ruler of, John Lacki! Creep with us through the wondrous yet disturbing world of human beings, and join us, as we point and chuckle at this and that, while drinking shots of bleach to cope, all to bring you juicy enticing tidbits on such pertinent topics as: Unwanted baby holding, eating Tide pods, low odor KFC, 3D printed face dildos, Miracle Whip people, dumpster turkeys, smart fart pills, a dude uppercutted by a bear, obsolete words, remote control related deaths, professional dart throwing, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 176 Dec. 28, 2017

FINALLY! Hey, this is Ice and The Face #176 -12.28.17- and it is here to fill your heart with unsolicited stuff! Tonight, Rick and Sarah venture deep inside the horrid sticky world of increasingly more regular human behaviors. Come hunker down with us and walk in a crouched manner as we wander around in a winter wonderland of WTF to bring you professionally crafted opinions on such wondrous topics as: Chimp recognition techniques, unflattering Catholic statues, a woman filled to the throat with feces, annoying ambulances, dueling Beardfests, unused vocal cords, planes in India, a guy carrying heroin and human teeth, snow monkeys who hump deer, fingered hoofs, circumcision practice kits, people dropping deuces in public, do’s and don’t’s of finding amputated feet on the beach, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 175 Nov. 25, 2017

YES! This is Ice and The Face #175 -11.25.17- The Thanksgiving Leftovers Special 2017! Tonight, Stonz pulls up a bar stool and joins us for an epic night of gluttony! Together, we skip merrily through the feathers of millions of dead turkeys, beating off marauders with ham bones and the fruit cakes of yore, and pouring hot gravy into our crotches, all to go a caroling our way into your dark hearts and eager minds with such decadent and sweet topics as: Condom stuff, Thanksgiving issues, fake store uniforms around the holidays, various camel odors, pooping out a living bug, avocado and your potential sex life, orgasms that make you blind, guns in church, a car lost for 20 years, Thanksgiving flavored Pringles, the KFC tent, American gravy waterfalls, selling your home because of aliens, padlocks and penile problems, nuts in your peanuts, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 174 Nov. 19, 2017

Merry well! This is Ice and The Face #174 -11.19.17- and it will shake you clear out of existence! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, Stonz! Join us as we push through the war zone of everyday life, dodging stupidness splashing toward us from every direction, with nothing to live on but contaminated water and battery acid! By the end, our mutant genes soak up the toxic waste of normal life to expunge upon you laughable words on such glorious topics as: Global condom drone drops, penile sky writing, “corking” and Honeycrisp apples, apples in general, eating too much gum, farting criminals, would you like frogs with that, stupid pedals in cars, soot warts, ass lips and tongues, toddlers with legal firearms, the worst position in a human centipede, and whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 173 Nov. 6, 2017

WOAH! Welcome to Ice and The Face #173! Tonight, Rick and Sarah welcome back, Stonz! Together, we march with very high knees through the cesspool of existence, guffawing at this and that, drinking vodka by the gallon just to cope, and basically just chuckle-farting our way through such mind-bending topics as: Testicular condoms, garbage people, a pool on the roof of a mini-van, KFC bath bombs, old funny medical procedures, wiping with corn cobs, a masturbating nose-picker, Wiki-How to Avoid Chiggers, weaponized Swiffers, attacking your dad whilst naked, a tooth growing in a woman’s nose, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!

Ice and The Face Ep. 172 Oct. 26, 2017

YES! This is Ice and The Face #172 -10.26.17- and it will sand your mind’s feet right down to the nubs! Tonight, we welcome our dear friend Tony Heronimous Tedesco! Together, we slog forth into the dreary doldrums of regular everyday living, shielding our eyes, skin drenched in bug spray, batting away at foul creatures hither and thither, just to bring you some truth serum on such wondrous hip topics as: Issues with chain mail, weird super powers, custom condom prints, manhood cozies, unique dating techniques, unsavory airline urination, diapered horses, the terrifying sound of human life, baby drains, baby pulp, arrested drenched in Vaseline, the wrong way to use Vick’s Vapo Rub, disrupting the flora, creating custom people, defecation burns, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening.

Ice and The Face Ep. 171 Oct. 19, 2017

Hello, greasy younglings. Today we gather here to celebrate the release of episode #171 -10.19.17- of Ice and The Face, and with some choice meats and tender vittles, we climb the highest peaks of stupor and stare directly into the eyes of destiny. Along for the ride is our frozen trail marker, Stonz, ever pointing the way forward on this journey to the supposed “great” beyond, where, for three minutes, we become aware of our own shitty, unremarkable lives. Join us, as we spelunk deep inside the caves of the regular world where we uncover the sick truths of such incredible topics as: Being frozen for a million years, fun with dead bodies on Mount Everest, cave people voices, the moments after sweet death, eating placentas, heavy breathing, people eating your waste, bathroom stories from Nashville, escaping your nagging significant other by fading into the forest, and a whole lot more! Thank you all very much for listening!